Start Early

Procrastinating the preparation for your move is never a good idea. Start packing as early as you can by gathering up items in storage, or items you don't use on a daily basis. Designate your least-used room as a hub as you box up more and more of your belongings. 

Put it on the List

Lists are absolute life-savers. The closer you get to your move, the more will be on your mind. Organize your thoughts by starting a to-do list as soon as you know you're moving. This will not only help you remember everything you have to do before the big day, but it also just feels great to check items off as you go along. 

Keep on Top of your Utilities

Nobody wants to settle into their newly assembled bed, in their fresh apartment, congratulating themselves on all their hard work that day, only to realize they can't fall asleep to their favourite movie because there's no internet. Schedule the disconnection and/or transfer of your utilities for moving day as soon as possible to ensure you feel all the comforts of home right away.