You don't have to break the bank to give your apartment a brand-new look and feel.

We're offering up some of our favourite DIY tips and tricks, inexpensive products, and ideas to spruce up items already lying around to make your apartment feel more like home!

Freshen up Those Walls

A new coat of paint is a quick way to completely change the look of your apartment. But for something quicker and less permanent, try using some washi tape to spruce up the walls around your apartment! Washi tape is fairly inexpensive to pick up and comes in all sorts of different sizes and colours. Stick with simple patterns on an accent wall, or let your creative side shine and build an entire wall mural with this handy tape. Going this route also means you can change your mind again and again - simply peel off the tape and start over! 

Tapestries are another great way to quickly bring life to your walls. Try hanging a tapestry behind your couch or bed as a centerpiece that is sure to impress. Make sure you choose a tapestry that incorporates the colours of the room to really tie everything together. 

Bye-bye Blinds

Switching up your window treatments is a small change that makes a big difference. Use lighter-coloured and more sheer curtains in smaller rooms and during the summer months. Choose thick, bold drapery paired with a black curtain rod for a cozier feel. 

Add a Pop of Colour

Too many colours competing for attention? Choose one, but make it vibrant! White walls with grey accessories spring to life when you sprinkle a bright blue or fluorescent green colour around the room. Try hand towels and candles in the bathroom or some coloured cooking accessories and small appliances in the kitchen. Just remember to keep it simple and to stick to the same shade as much as possible.

It's the Little Things

Is the kitchen or bathroom looking a little outdated? Don't fret - just pick up some new hardware for your cupboards! This inexpensive little change will make a big difference in the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom.

Leave yourself little surprises by adding strips of wallpaper or vinyl wall stickers to the backs of your cupboards. Bonus points if you have open cupboards, so your guests can feel your personality vibe from every corner of the room, too!

Adding a bar cart to your living room is a classy way to show off some of your favourite knick-knacks without using up too much space. Plus, it's mobile, so you can easily try it in a few spots or move it out of the way if you're having guests over and need just a bit more room.